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C&M Landscaping Supplies was started in 2005 with the aim of providing decorative outdoor features such as pebbles, crushes, gravels and decorative wood – Lead Wood (Yster Hout) and Drift Wood for gardens and outdoor areas in or around commercial or corporate locations.

We specialise in decorative pebbles, rocks and outdoor ornaments for the home and business.

Adding a touch of nature to your environment.

As professionals In the trade, we stock the largest range and variety of decorative Pebbles, Stones, Crush, Gravels and Rocks, with over 60 beautiful colours available to select from. Offerings add colour, texture and a unique feel to both formal and informal areas, with new colours continually sourced from different parts of SA to add to the range.

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Supplying South African clients for years

Our decorative pebbles, rocks and outdoor ornaments are perfect for any outdoor area. Whether you are looking to create a beautiful garden for aesthetic pleasure or stunning public areas that accommodate otherwise bland buildings or locations. We supply many businesses such as landscapers, landscape architects, construction companies and the general public with quality products.

Great choice of hard landscaping materials. Lots of good ideas and their staff is very helpful. Their selection of pebbles and gravels are excellent. They also have a great selection of succulents.Their range of garden furniture is very good. They have everything that can make your imagination a reality.

Carl Coetzee

I love this place. Every imaginable pebble, rock, dry wood and succulent. I even take my grand children for a walk through the rows of different pebbles. They also have a great selection of paving stones and compost. I always buy sand in a big bag here in an attempt to improve my clay soul. Unfortunately you cannot resist buying something.

John Smith

What a gem we discovered in this place! They sell almost any decorative or structural gardening items and material one can imagine. Their prices on most stock are much lower than the shops surrounding them for the exact same products. If you like gardening this is most definitely the place to visit. Even just browsing is a lovely experience. Take your credit card.

David More